C. Martinez Sarasola  


Carlos Martínez Sarasola is taking care of the last details of his next book’s edition, a new essay on the indigenous peoples of Argentina to be released by the publisher Biblos, in the collection Biblos/ desdeAmérica directed by Carlos himself.
Presently, he is collaborating with Planeta/Emecé in a new edition of the classic Nuestros Paisanos los Indios. He is also writing a new work that will be published by Grupo Editorial Del Nuevo Extremo during 2010. 

He continues with his usual ethnohistorical research on the native peoples of Argentina, with emphasis on the study of the frontier as a metaphor for the building of the country. At the same time, he goes on with the comparative and transcultural studies of indigenous worldiews in the Americas and shamanism.

Another of his focus of interests is the study of emerging reethnicization processes and spirituality. In this direction, and since 2000, he is an active participant member of the annual ceremonies in two Mapuche communities of Patagonia, where he joins fellow natives of the province of Buenos Aires in their own path of rebuilding their community and strengthening their spirit.

At the Fundación desdeAmérica he carries out various activities in his role as CEO, and to this he adds the dictation of lectures, courses and seminars, as well as being a consultant on publishing projects. The proposal of "convergences"-the gathering of the wisdom of indigenous peoples with the new scientific paradigms- have led him in recent times to refresh and revitalize another field of research: the experience of anomalous or extraordinary events in their connection with the consciousness and the processes of personal transformation, analyzed from an anthropological perspective.

The groups of
“EntreMundos” (Between Worlds) are an example of this line of work.


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